Chakra Khan - Founder

Our Founder and Cannabis expert, Chakra leads a fluid chakra focused flow. 

Jodi Keeth - Yoga Instructor

 Playful, alignment based instruction...major focus on overall wellness & body positivity.



A lot of people ask why a stoned yoga studio. I was a single (divorced mom) living in San Diego, CA with my 4 year old. I was working as a Territory Sales Manager for a Biomedical Company that specialized in IVF. I liked my job. It was fun, it was challenging. I met and spoke with a lot of smart people who were creating NEW LIFE and trying to figure out why people were suffering from infertility. The downside to the job was that I worked long hours and traveled to the East Coast a lot and was missing out on my sons childhood.  I had just enrolled my school at an EPIC charter school for his kindergarten year. It was a school based on the 10 principles of BURNING MAN! Um Hell to the YES! The school had no staff, except the teachers, the principle and a secretary. I was feeling compelled to volunteer there. I asked the UNIVERSE how can I make this happen. A few days later there was an incident at work that made my decision for me and I walked out. YESSS! That decision altered my life course. 

I applied for a job as the San Diego, Sales Rep for a small little edibles company called The Venice Cookie Company. It allowed me to be a MOM. I was able to volunteer at my kids school, drop him off and pick him up every single day. The pay was crap at the beginning. But it was just the two of us and I was soooo happy . That was my introduction into cannabis in 2008. 

Fast forward a few years later I was kicking ass at my job, making more money than I was making in Biomedical Sales. I had moved to Los Angeles because they extended my territory to most of Southern California. 

My son and I were living in a communal warehouse with a group of artist and I met Madga Freedom Rod a single mom and yoga instructor. She was really interested in cannabis. After talking about cannabis, chakra balancing, Reiki, and yoga we knew we had something special. We started a little local group called The High Vibe Tribe. We offered chakra focused stoned yoga, cannabis, meditation and REIKI healing. Before and after each class I would give chakra readings. Our students would ask me how do I know if my chakra's are opened? How does an open chakra feel? It is so hard to tell someone who has suffered emotional trauma, perhaps from childhood and have never felt safe?

I left The Venice Cookie Company after  6 years to pursue a path cannabis that is in alignment with my spiritual beliefs.  I started an edibles company Esoteric Edibles. It answered the question many yoga students  asked. How can I tell if my chakras are open? Working with two terpene consultants Kymron Decares and Tim Drennan, it was Tim who formulated the secret sauce to make Chakra Chews. A taffy that offers consumers the spiritual manifestation of the spiritual chakra. What are terpenes? More on that later. 

When California passed recreational cannabis laws, it killed our business. We could not afford to move our edibles business forward with new laws in place right as we were getting our groove. We were in about 50 collectives when the laws switched. So while we look for investors to get Esoteric Edibles operational we will focus on Namastoned. Sadly without Madga who is traveling teaching yoga all over the world, now that her beautiful daughter is off to college. 

My family and I decided to move to the desert. We looked in Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs, Yucca Valley, Indio, Palm Desert before settling in Morongo Valley.  I am so honored to bring cannabis yoga to the desert.